Civil Litigation

From initiating a law suit to appealing an unfavorable verdict, I have experience at every level of the civil litigation process.  The most important part of this process can frequently be avoiding ever going to court; As an experienced litigator I believe the best strategy is to pursue your need or what you are owed without having to initiate a lawsuit. This is why I focus a lot of my time on these matters ascertaining what my clients need at the start, and getting it done quickly.

What happens if you do need to go to court? Or, worse yet, what if you’re the one being sued? That process can be long and costly. This is why I work with my clients to develop the best strategy for success at the outset of the representation.

I have litigated or counseled a variety of cases, including land disputes, damage to property, landlord/tenant issues, debts, broken contracts, and many others.   If you are being sued or have an issue you think may require a legal resolution, please contact me for a free consultation. I will determine whether I am the best representative for you, or recommend one of my trusted colleagues.

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