Criminal Defense and DUI

Dan Tyman, Esq.

If you have been arrested for a crime, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you.  The best outcome for your case will require negotiations with the District Attorney’s office, guidance through the plea and sentencing process, and possibly fighting the charges in court.  I’m here to help.  If you have been arrested, contact me for a free consultation about your charges.


I work with numerous clients being charged with driving under the influence. Even if you do not believe you can fight the charges against you, Chester County offers many alternative sentencing programs, particularly for first or second time offenders.


A large part of our criminal justice system is devoted to drug-related offenses, including possession of marijuana and/or paraphernalia, illegally obtained prescription medications, and selling other illegal substances. No other area of law is more controversial or riddled with illegal searches than narcotics. If you are facing drug charges, there are many ways to fight them, and like DUIs, those who plead guilty have a variety of possibilities for alternative sentencing programs.

Traffic Offenses

Getting a traffic ticket may seem like it’s more of an inconvenience than a punishment, but traffic tickets can have dangerous consequences.  Points on your license increase monthly insurance premiums (sometimes as high as 400%) and cost you far more than the fine alone. Enough points on your license will cause it to be suspended. When you have a traffic ticket your best bet is to talk to a lawyer, contact me for a free consultation and find out what options are available to you.


Having a clean record is very important.  Many people who have been found guilty of a crime in the past do not realize that they may be able to have their charges expunged and once again have a clean record.  A significant number of people who have undergone the ARD program, which includes expungement, have never had their record cleaned because paperwork was not properly filed or explained. If you have been arrested, contact me for a free consultation and find out if you qualify to have your record expunged.

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